Featured Farmer

La Cienega Farmers' Market

Featured Farmer

We are featuring our newest Certified Organic grower who participates in our Thursday market located on La Cienega Blvd. This farm has been with us for a number of months now, each week bringing with them beautiful produce. Don’t miss out on their weekly treats!

County Line Harvest  County Line Harvest Certified Organic

Our grower, David Retsky, planted his first seed in 2000 on the Sonoma-Marine County line growing a variety of baby lettuce for wholesale. Shortly after starting County Line Harvest (CLH), David added the Petaluma property to his operation and became certified organic in 2004.CHL

Thankfully CLH expanded their operation from selling primarily to high end restaurants to include farmers’ markets. In order to lengthen their growing season and meet these new demands David expanded CLH operations to the Coachella Valley, growing during the cooler months and breaking in summer because of the heat. They harvested their first crop in October of 2010.

CLHCLH joined the La Cienega Farmers’ Market in fall of 2012 and were an immediate success. We believe this reaction was a result of the beautiful bouquets of root vegetables, baby greens, and lettuce they bring weekly to the market. Imagine a rainbow of young and tender carrots arriving in colors of red, orange, purple, and white; beets, picked smaller then you're use to in shades of red and orange. And there are other varieties of greens and vegetables harvested while young. Broccolini and varieties of hearty greens are also picked young thereby providing the shopper with a tender vegetable full of vitamins and rich in flavor. CLH also has a reasonable price point, unusual for organic produce, and offers the perfect size bunch for single or smaller families.CLH

Sadly, County Line Harvest leaves their Southern CA markets in June because they cannot continue to grow in the heat of the desert, but they do return in September/October when the temps are more reasonable. Come and taste for yourself the beauty of CLH produce.

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