What Varieties of Agriculture Products are in our Farmers' Markets?

La Cienega - Thursday

For the past 13 years we have accumulated some of the most respected growers in Southern California’s farmers’ market industry, enabling us to bring you certified farmers who have passed the scrutiny of time and our level of standards. Weekly, they provide the integrity of their product and commitment to their craft. Every Thursday our farmers bring you a bounty of produce, picked the day prior to market, thereby guaranteeing that their produce is at its freshest and full of all the natural nutrients your body requires for ultimate health.

Organic Growers

We have a group of Certified Organic growers in the La Cienega Farmers’ Market who provide our shoppers with a full spectrum of organic produce, be it young tender root vegetables and baby greens provided by County Line Harvest, or a rainbow of sweet berries with a wide variety of vegetables from Denny’s Organic Farm, to Asian vegetables that include lemon grass, ginger root, bok choy, baby broccoli, and eggplant from Gonzaga Farms; a selection of organic apples and a variety of pears provided by Ha's Orchards, and a sweet selection of stone fruit and citrus from Kens Top Notch… and there are even more organic growers bringing their Certified produce every Thursday.

Non-Organic Conventional Growers

In addition to the standard conventional produce we provide in our farmers’ markets, we have specialty produce that is not so common. For example, Gourmet Specialty brings baby greens, spring salad mixes, and root vegetables. Gama Farms provides an assortment of eggs, potatoes, cherries and summer melons; and La Bahn Farms who sells eggs laid by several different breeds of fowl, in addition to free range, fresh, or frozen chicken, whole or in pieces. Fresh raw peanuts and jujubes, as well as other beautiful produce such as artichokes and brussel sprouts can be bought from McKay Smith Farms. Bender Farms provides fresh cut flowers and orchids, and nursery plants are provided by Ramos Nursery. Locally harvested honey, accompanied by other bee products like Royal Jelly, propolis and bee pollen are harvested by Jerry D’s Bees. Soledad Goat Farm makes goat’s milk products that range from herb and fruit infused goat cheeses, to goat's milk, yogurts and drinks. A large variety of grapes and a selection of dried fruits and nuts are grown at Mark Bourjorkian Farms. Polito Farms provides the tastiest varieties of citrus fruits, and Wong Farms brings early hydroponic tomatoes in January. Stone fruit growers like Tenerelli and Garcia Farms provide large selections of nectarines, peaches, pluots and plums, and Tamai Farms provides us with an assortment of top quality produce with the sweetest corn and strawberries from Oxnard. There is so much more… come and taste for yourself!

What Varieties of Specialty Foods are in the Market?

La Cienega - Hot and Prepackaged Foods

We provide a unique mix of hot and cold food vendors who have a dedicated following...and there's a reason why!

And there's still more...come and taste for yourself!

What's in Our Kaiser Farmers' Markets?

Kaiser WLA - Wednesdays:


This market is small but has a good variety of produce with most of the essentials and a few extras. One of our produce farmers grows leafy greens, corn, asparagus, bell peppers, snap peas, carrots and much more; he rotates his crops so that each season brings a bounty of produce represented on his table throughout the year. There are citrus growers, avocados, dried fruit and nuts, fresh cut flowers, and juices. We also have organic nectarines, peaches, plums, winter citrus fruit and Asian pears.

Prepared Foods

Kaiser South Bay - Wednesdays:


This market is also small but has a good variety of produce with most of the essentials and a few extras. We have a number of growers with a wide assortment of produce and varieties of potatoes and other root vegetables; unique assortment of Asian vegetables including ginger, lemon grass and bok choy. Berries, melons, corn, nectarines, peaches, plums, grapes, dried fruit and nuts, honey, juice, fresh cut flowers, and much more. We also have Certified Organic veggies and an assortment of apples and Asian pears

Prepared Foods: